Calum Kletta

Calum Kletta

Calum is an angler destined for great things! Gifted with enormous natural angling ability and an extremely amenable personality we are excited to take Calum on board as a sponsored angler.

Like many of us Calum started off content to catch whatever came along whilst fishing at the lakes owned by his local club. However, he was soon drawn to catching bigger fish, and started to specifically target the carp that resided in these venues. He has always preferred to catch plenty of fish, fishing prolific lakes such as Brasenose 2 on the Linear complex, but he is very lucky to also have access to a vast choice of big carp in his local lakes that he can’t always resist! He now has a ticket for a 60+ acre gravel pit containing some massive carp, and can’t wait to get started!

He already has a very impressive personal best of 47lb 6oz (an awesome looking beast too!) and this was the first ‘target fish’ he ever specifically focused his attentions on!

Calum came a solid second place in the BYCAC in 2010, and will be fishing this competition again in the future; as well entering the popular Midlands Carp Masters event. Calum’s main ambition now is to catch a big Common, and to try and improve his margin and surface fishing techniques! We look forward to watching and helping Calum fulfil his full potential in coming years…

Fact File

Name: Calum Kletta
Nickname: Veggie Netter
Location: Ringwood, Hampshire
Date of Birth: 07/08/1993
Favourite Venues: Hightown (local club lake), Brasenose 2, Horseshoe
PB’s (lb): 49lb 8oz mirror, 9lb 12oz Tench, 11lb Bream
Achievements: 2nd place in the BYCAC


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